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Getting Started - Adults & Kids

  • Lesson One - Standing up and walking with aid
    Find a seat or somewhere else you can sit down whilst you put the Flying Jumpers on. It is best not to sit on the ground, because it makes it harder to get up when the Flying Jumpers are on - especially when you are a beginner. Before you stand up, have you tightened all of the fastenings properly? If any of the fastenings are loose, it makes it more difficult to balance and control your movements.

    Not everyone can stand up on their own at first, just like some people can skateboard or ski first time and others take a while to get into it. Even if you are a fast learner, it is better to have somebody else help you, until you can hold your balance. If you do want to try standing on your own first time, do it next to a wall that you can lean on.

    Now, hold both of your friends hands and slowly stand up, whilst they gently pull you forward. At first, the Flying Jumpers will feel a bit stiff, but relax you'll soon get used to it. Keep holding their hand(s) after you have stood up.

    Now take a few ‘normal’ steps to get a feel of the Flying Jumpers on your feet – congratulations, you’re moving!

    Special notice for kids

    1) First Step : Put on Flying Jumper on high seat and an adult/guardian should make a child stand in front of him/her.
    2) The guardian should help a child to walk step by step with taking both of his/her hands. He/She walks softly outstretching his/her feet.

    3) It is impossible to keep up standing without walking. A child should move or walk to keep its balance over and over again.
    4) It can be dangerous if a child exercises alone at the beginning. However, anybody should be able to walk after doing the walking exercise for 10 ~ 20 mins.

  • Lesson Two - Walking alone
    Now you are confident enough to walk by yourself. Ask your friend to stay within arms reach in case you need a hand or walk behind your friend and reach for their shoulders. Again, walk alongside a wall if you are alone. Keep your feet pointing as straight forward as possible, slightly further apart than normal, so that the Flying Jumpers do not touch each other. Lift your knees slightly higher than normal walking, so that the Flying Jumper's heels do not dig into the ground.

    The most important thing at this stage is to relax, if your muscles are stiff and tense, it is much more difficult. Think of walking on the Flying Jumpers just like normal walking, only that you are raised off the ground by one foot or more. When you have your own balance, walk on alone!

  • Lesson Three - Running
    Running is actually pretty easy once you can walk comfortably and keep your balance. Start by walking faster and faster as your confidence grows and eventually, probably without noticing it yourself, you will be running! Start with a small hop using you arms in a small swinging or up/down motion to get some down force into the springs. Slowly increase your walking lengths until the hop becomes more of a stride. Relax your legs and let the springs do the work. Lift your knees/legs properly to avoid digging the heels into the ground. Like everything, patience and practice are required.

  • Lesson Four - Jumping
    By now you should be able to run like a real pro! You can out run bicycles, inlines and skateboards – you are ‘Steve Austin’, The Six Million Dollar Man (or woman)! So now it is time to learn how to jump. There are basically two ways to jump – on one foot at a time or on both feet simultaneously. The two ways differ a little in difficulty and technique.

    On One Leg
    Jumping with one leg at a time is pretty much like running. The main difference is, that instead of aiming your momentum and power forwards, you aim it upwards. Now, stand in one place and alternate jumping with your left and right legs. ‘Step off’ as hard as you can when the Flying Jumper is at the lowest point and then let it bounce you back up, at which point you change legs in time to land on the other leg. This is no different than hopping from one foot to another, but the time it takes to do it is slightly longer because you are springing up and down in greater distances.

    On Both Legs
    Some people find it harder to jump with both legs because there is at least twice as much spring resistance. This can be a good thing if you want height and action! If you can master your balance doing jumps on both legs, you will be able to get your body 6ft or 2m off the ground! Start by standing still for a second and then you bend your legs slightly, pressing your weight downwards at the same time. Do this once and stop to regain your balance. When you feel that you can do it without loosing balance, then try to do it several times in a row. All you have to do now is increase the height bit by bit by forcing your body weight down harder as you land each time. Once you have done this 10 or 15 times, you will be able to make it look easy! Check out video and pictures links from the following icons and you'll see what’s possible!

  • Lesson Five - Rising If You Fall
    If you never have a fall, you are probably not getting the most out of your Flying Jumpers. You’ve got to try new things at some time. If you do, make sure you do not get hurt! The best way to ensure that, is to wear protective gear and have someone else with you, in case you need assistance. If you do fall over, it is good to know what to do. The easiest way to stand up, is to have your friend help you or use some kind of support to grab hold of and drag yourself up - a bench or a fence can do. You can stand up without any support, but you need to be flexible and strong enough.

    You need to put one leg in front of you and one behind you, as if you were doing the splits. Bend your front leg as much as you can and stand up on it while still kneeling on your back leg. When you feel that you can't bend your front leg more then make a small jump and stand up on your back leg. You can do this in two steps by stopping half way in a ‘semi-split’ position until you have gained your balance again. Then make a second small jump and stand up completely. Try it before you fall as a starting position a few times and build your confidence and skill in doing it.

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