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2011 Feb: Poweriser & Air-Trekkers are the two jumping stilts brands that have been awarded official distribution rights by the inventor Alexander Boeck & his authorized manufacturer to market in America & beyond. We will not ship outside of the USA.

Whilst your friends are still playing at ground level, you will be able to jump in 10 ft (3m) leaps over them - imagine that! How would you like to run at a lightning speed of around 20 mph (32 km/h) without any extra effort than normal running? In fact it's even easier than normal running because you are power assisted by the these jumping stilts! Do you remember 'The Six Million Dollar Man - Steve Austin? - how he used to run and keep up with fast moving objects? Now it's your turn! You can even execute extraordinary athletic feats including amazing flips with breath-taking heights.

Jumping stilts are an amazing and truly unique extreme sports equipment product! They can best be described as 'spring loaded jumping boots' or 'jumping stilts' - some people call them 'bionic boots' for short. Our jumping stilts are a feat of engineering and are definitely NOT described as toys. They are serious fun for those who want to stand out from the crowd and hop into action! Jumping stilts are defined mainly by a compressing a controlled flat spring, the result is a straight upward movement relative to the ground. The stored energy (ie: during compression) transposes into upward (jumping) or forward (running) energy. Main difference between the models is the firmness of the spring being used.

Jumping stilts are recommended for:

  • For individuals seeking an extreme alternative to recreation and exercise.
  • For training or for leisure.
  • Cultivate a brand new adverturous spirit in young people.
  • A precious training for a child's mind and body in today's video gaming era.
  • Ideal for losing weight (by reducing fatty deposit, waistline, buttocks, calf diameter) and for cardiovasicular exercise no matter if you are athletically-inclined or not.
  • Increases HDL-C (High Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol) and reduces THR (Total Cholesterol & High Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol Rate).
  • Firms up skiier's and skater's lower torso and abdomen.
  • Last but not least, it is great for professional circus performer!

Jumping stilts are totally safe to use, however we must state that Monolith Int'l Trading (parent company of will not be held liable for any injury resulting from misuse or otherwise. You are advised to wear protective gear when you use your jumping stilts and you should also be in good health to use them.

For Kids Too!
Kids as young as 10 (girls and boys) are also enjoying the jumping stilts fun. The Kids size is simply a scaled down version of the Adults size and has lesser powered springs meaning it does not provide as much lift (jump up to only 3½ feet). The functionality is otherwise identical.

Jumping stilts are built tough and made to last!

Poweriser Efficiency

  • Period: Oct 4th, '03 ~ Nov 28th, '03
  • Object: Hanlim Information Industrial University of Korea, Leisure Sports Dept. (male staff x5 / female staff x5).
  • Results:
      Pre-Test Post-Test Reduced result
    Weight 70 66.8 3.2
    Fatty Deposit 24.47 22.12 2.35
    Waist 79.6 77.35 2.25
    Buttocks 98.22 96.82 1.4
    Thigh 57.4 57.25 0.15
    Calf 37.82 37.6 0.22

  • Summary:
    Weight & Obesity
    • Removes fatty deposit
    • Reduces waistline, buttocks, and calf diameter
    • Firms up the body
    • Positive effect on the lower torso and abdomen.
    Triglyceride into blood & Cholesterol
    • Increases HDL-C (High Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol) ; Helps prevent circular disease.
    • Reduces THR (total Cholesterol & High Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol Rate)

  • Order Powerisers here & Air-Trekkers in the table below:

  • Poweriser Advanced - The Poweriser Jumping Stilts Advanced has the new calf cuff in the replacement of the knee bar. The calf cuff is more comfortable and more accessible for the more active user. This is just like the Classic model below (please read its description first) but with the following improvements:
    • The knee cap has been modified to knee cap cuffs. This is more convenient for users to tighten it and looks better.
    • Binding like board binding.
    • Knee cap holder is now Alumimum knee cap which is stronger and better supports knee cuffs. The New knee cap holder does not need the knee cap pad.
    • Special connection sets with high-quality metal tie-clips
    • Sliding bearing for force saving and for more jump strength
    • Strengthened foot mounting plates
    • Self-locking nuts designed after German standard
    • New knee mounting plate systems with highest stretcher comfort
    • Strengthened assembly of the rubber buffers
    • New feather/spring shroud with high-strength plastic
  •  PRA
  • Poweriser Classic - The Poweriser Jumping Stilts Standard/Classic is the most popular and selling Jump Stilt sold in the world! This model is for young teens or adults they weight between 110lbs - 266lbs. This Poweriser model is excellent for fitness and exercise outdoors while having safe and exciting fun. Designed for natural movement with 5 -10 min learning curve. The Poweriser Standard/Classic model is approx 18 inches from the ground. These Poweriser Jumping Stilts have fiberglass leaf springs which compress under the weight of users and flex back into shape to generate bounce, like a trampoline. The Jump Stilts are supported through an aluminum frame which individuals strap on like a pair of stilts and use to intuitively control the springs. Poweriser Jumping Stilts are developed to function like natural leg extensions which give almost super human abilities. Like Jumping 6 foot in the Air, running up to 20mph in 9 foot strides!!
  •  PRC
  • Poweriser Youth - The new exciting youth model jumping stilts for children 8 and up, teens and petite adults that weigh 66lbs to 110lbs. This model comes in two color trimmings Red or Blue. This model is Excellent for fitness and exercise outdoors while having safe and exciting fun. Designed for natural movement with 5 -10 min learning curve. The youth model is the model closest to the ground, just right for children. The youth model also raises the user approximately a foot off the ground.
  •  PRY

    Home Skate Jumping Stilts :  
    (#ATEXT)  Air-Trekkers CZ-A EXTREME
    (#ATADU)  Air-Trekkers CZ-A Adult
    NOTE: You must wear protective gear when using your Air-Trekkers, Poweriser, PoweriZer, & Flying Jumper!
    AVAILABILITY: All Poweriser & Air-Trekkers models in stock. Sorry but we do NOT ship out of the US.

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