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Hi-Viz Hump

The Respro Hump backpack cover is a simple and unique product that performs several functions at the same time. It fits over an existing backpack and fastens around its waist. It also features an elasticated edge that grips the backpack stopping it from flapping around. The Hump is available in a range of styles all including 3M Scotchlite 680 for night-time visibility.

For everyday use: Commuting to work, hiking, walking to school, jogging in town, etc.


  • Optimum visibility whilst on the road
  • Adds space for more items
  • Suitable for most backpacks
  • Makes cyclists highly visible
  • Easily fitted over most backpacks
  • No need to buy a product specific bag
  • Clings to donor bag
  • 2 models (Plain & Flo Yellow/Red) are waterproof and rest of the models are fully waterproof so they keep your backpack dry.
  • All models have capacity of 15~30 Litres except H60 that has 25~50 Litres.
  • All models feature Hi-Viz Fluorescent material that markedly increases your daylight visibility from the rear and sides.
  • All models feature 3M Scotchlite reflective material for night time use except for the P15 models that use EL light system.
  • All models include 100% 'dry' bag.
  • 9 or more models with mesh pocket for carrying extra items.

PLAIN: 3M Reflective tape for night time reflectivity. Water-resistant reusable packaging bag. 15~30 Litres (or 3~6 US gal) capacity. This model does NOT have the HUMP word on it.
FLO YELLOW / Red: 3M Reflective transfer for night time reflectivity. 100% waterproof with taped seams. Mesh pocket for quick access. Waterproof reusable bag. 15~30 L capacity.

P15 YELLOW / BLACK / CHEVRON: The P15 Electro-Luminescent light system inserted into the fabric of the product is durable, bright & very effective in getting people's attention. It operates in 2 modes: always on & flashing. Powered by 2x AA batteries. 120 hrs flashing mode. 3M Reflector tape for night time reflectivity. Mesh pocket for quick access. Fully waterproof reusable bag with taped seams. 15~30 L capacity.

CAMO DARK / LIGHT: Pixelated camo pattern material. 3M Reflective transfer for night time reflectivity. 100% waterproof with taped seams. Deep mesh pocket for wet weather gear. Watertight packaging bag. 15~30 L capacity.
H60: Same as above 2 models except 33% bigger than standard Hump. 25~50 L capacity.

DUO-TONE: Flo Yellow & Flo Orange to increase contrast. 3M Reflective transfer for night time reflectivity. Water-resistant material. Mesh pocket for quick access. Waterproof packaging bag. 15~30 L capacity. These models do NOT have the HUMP word on them.
DOUBLE HUMP: Waterproof Q/A zipped Hump on Hump. Extra space for additional items. 3M Reflective transfer for night time reflectivity. Fully waterproof with taped seams. Mesh pocket for lights, etc. Waterproof reusable packing bag. 15~30 L capacity.
REFLECTIVE 100: Made from 100% reflective material. Flo Orange daytime bum patch. Extra space for additional items. Fully waterproof with taped seams. Mesh pocket for lights, etc. Waterproof reusable packing bag. 15~30 L capacity.

▼ NOTE: The following pull-down menu allows you to order any of the pre-2011 Humps above. Refer to our Order Info page for UK order delivery time.

616 Flo Red / Flo Yellow - Contrasting Flo-Yellow/Orange material. Reflective tape for night time visibility. External webbing for LED attachment. Reusable packing bag. Waterproof. 15~30 Litres capacity. Sort of like an inversed pattern of the Duo-Tone. Click on thumbnail to see larger image.
LC - 3M reflective transfer for night time reflectivity. 100% waterproof taped seams. Waterproof reusable bag. 15~30 litres capacity. Pattern-wise, this is similar to Flo Yellow but with blackened pattern and an oval R logo in place of the Flo Yellow's mesh pocket. Click on thumbnail to see larger image.
MC - The new 2011 Motorcycle range features the same waterproof and Hi-Viz qualities as the very popular cycle Humps but without being totally garish. Available in 3 colors: Blue/Black, Red/Black & Yellow/Black. Click on thumbnails to see larger images.
P15 Chevron - 3M Reflective transfer for night time reflectivity. Electro-Luminescent light system that is powered by 2x AA batteries. 120 hrs flashing mode. Mesh pocket for quick access. Waterproof reusable bag. Camo material, taped seams. 15~30 Litres capacity. To clean, wipe outside only with warm soapy water. Do not machine wash bag cover. Click on thumbnails to see larger images.


The Respro® waistcoat combines Flo Yellow & Orange daylight visibility material with Scotchlite™ for night time visibility. Incorporated, is a reflective Sam Brown belt. It is suitable for use by cyclists, motorcyclists, horse riders, runners and all other people requiring hi-visibility. Made of fully-breathable polyester.

From left to right: Basic Waistcoat Yellow/Orange, Super Waistcoat Black/Orange, Super Waistcoat Yellow/Orange, Kids Safety Waistcoat.
(#RESPRO)  RESPRO Hi-Viz Waistcoats


Everyone is rushing, drivers are talking on mobiles and pot-holes are getting bigger by the minute. Add low light conditions and you get a picture of the daily assault course that UK cyclists have to deal with. To remain safe, cyclists must initially ‘catch the eye’ of other road traffic and then continue to keep their attention. However cyclists want to feel comfortable and stylish without being garish and lit up like a Christmas tree! The Respro HI-VIZ™ range is designed to achieve this. I-Shots are pre-cut shapes that can be sited in key ‘eyeshot’ areas on the bicycle, jackets, gloves, trousers, jerseys, shorts, backpacks, school bags... This helps personalise bikes, accessories and clothing as well as allowing maximum visibility when riding. Available in Star, Triangle and Chevron shapes. They can be affixed to soft and hard material products including woven material, rubber and hard plastic. By increasing their visibility profile, cyclists will stay safe. Each sticker kit contains one sheet of same shape I-Shots. Featuers: Silver Scotchlite, pre-cut shapes, no heat required, applicable for hard surfaces & soft fabrics.

From left to right: I-Shot Star, I-Shot Triangle, I-Shot Chevron, I-Shot Rim, I-Shot Tyre, I-Shot Rim.
(#RESPRO)  RESPRO Hi-Viz I-Shots

Helmet & Ankle Bands

  • Helmet Bands - An excellent way of making yourself visible. Both cyclists and motorcyclists can benefit from the helmet band. The Scotchlite™ band stretches around the base of any crash helmet and with the neo grip surface on the inside there is no need for adhesive or any fixing devices. When wearing the helmet band you can be seen up to 200 yds away, giving a clear indication to any passing traffic that you are up ahead. The helmet band is available in plain, racing check & chevron styles.
  • Ankle Bands - Respro® ankle bands are the ideal product for increasing visibility for both day and night time use. They incorporate Scotchlite™ on one side and Day-Glo yellow nylon lycra on the other side. Two Velcro™ fasteners make the product quick and easy to use and can be stored readily when not in use. Full washable, fits all ankles, durable, can double up as arm bands, no cracking/fading.

    From left to right: Plain Helmet Band, Check Helmet Band, Ankle Band.
    (#RESPRO)  RESPRO Hi-Viz Bands

    Sticker Kits

    All of the reflective stickers in this range are on an A4 (8" x 11") sheet of Scotchlite, kiss cut to form a variety of shapes for application on to hard surfaces. Ideal for cycle and motorcycle surfaces and any other solid surface that needs visibility . Pay particular interest to the model "Black Diamond" which reflects white only in the light, while looking completely black by day! We cannot recommend the use of sticker kits for application to helmets as there is no EU law governing this and the adhesives on the vinyls have not been tested. That doesn't mean to say that you cannot use them on helmets as the manufacturers specification sheets say they are usable on fibreglass. Work that one out if you can!! For further info checkout 'Brake' the road safety organisation. The Pressure Sensitive kit is suitable for use on soft and hard surfaces and is really cool - no kidding!

    Pull down menu below corresponds to sticker kits above from left to right.
    (#RESPRO)  RESPRO Hi-Viz Sticker Kits

    Tips for sticker installation: Once you peel the sticker away from its backing paper you can spray the sticker's adhesive side with water (best to premix w/ a bit of liquid soap). This way the sticker's adhesiveness is temporarily lessened & allows you to position the sticker onto the destined surface with ease. You may also spray a fine mist of this liquid mix onto the destined surface if desired. Once located in the desired position, carefully wipe down & squeeze out the trapped moisture w/ a cloth/sponge - all liquid must be squeezed out between the treated surface & the adhesive side of the sticker. Allow over night for the sticker to regain full bonding strength. Once the operation is completed it will stay firmly in place for good.


  • H-Belt: Motorcyclists are one of the most vulnerable groups of road users. Two Wheeled Motor Vehicles represent less than 1% of all road traffic, however motorcycle riders and passengers account for approx. 15% of those killed or seriously injured in one year. (source: Being highly visible to other road traffic is very important for motorcyclists who want to be seen and stay safe. Features: Horizontal & vertical adjustment, one size fits all, retro reflective flo yellow material, easy fit, design allows H-Belt to remain on jacket, built solidly for use in all conditions, all-around reflective material equals all around visibility.
  • Sam Browne Utility Belt: The Respro® Sam Browne has maintained the features of the original, and made it better by adding more utility features such as entry card, travel card, money card holder, a D ring for keys for convenience when getting off the bike. There are two belts which when fixed together provide one SB Belt or can be used as two separate waist belts. The product comes in one size and the material is backed by black woven webbing so that it will last and not allow the reflective material to crack as can be seen in cheaper products. All in all, its the same product, the same price... only better.
    (#RESPRO)  RESPRO Hi-Viz Belts

    DELIVERY: UK products take 4~6 weeks for delivery.

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