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SoulArc Boards are designed to enhance the senses of surfing, creating transference from the wave to concrete. SoulArc Boards presents Shapes by Mitch, a dynamic style backed by proven unique engineered design; demanding precision handling and an aggressive attitude to ride.

In essence, SoulArc Boards and clothing are changing the way surfers get around on land; looking good, less work, and a better ride.

Soularc Vision:
The SoulArc board originated from a love and passion for surfing and the need to emulate that experience in a land based vehicle. The SoulArc board builders and designers are all dedicated to constant innovation to make better riders for our sidewalk surfing enthusiasts.

The DECK creates a solid stable platform similar to a surfboard, which the rider can use to drive & carve the board.

In unison, the wheels, trucks, and composite spring all react and conform to the pavement in a fluid motion. This motion gives the board a “surfy” feel.

Designed and Hand Built in the USA

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WARNING: All sports carry a risk of injury. Sometimes accidents happen which are truly unavoidable but usually there are ways to reduce the risks of anything nasty happening. 1. Always wear protective gear. Helmets, knee, elbow and wrist guards. 2. Inspect your equipment before every session. Check the wheels & trucks for excessive wear. Make sure all bolts are tight and the wheels are seated properly. And examine the platform for cracks or stress lines. 3. Live to play another day. On any new terrain, start slowly. Test the traction limits of your wheels. Carve progressively harder to determine the limits of your comfort zone.
NOTE: There is no return policy on this item.
Delivery: 2 weeks within the USA.

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