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The Award Winning Skatecycle

The Skatecycle - an innovative and totally unique land gear that won an International Design Excellence Award and a permanent place in the Henry Ford Museum, is now available via This unique board combines the balancing of snowboarding, the agility of skateboarding, and the nimble, undulating movements of casterboarding. Providing an easy transition and natural progression for those who already participate in any of the aforementioned boarding sports. The rider's feet are placed onto two slip-resistant footboards, and its double-jointed, twisting axle allows the rider to move either of the 9" polyurethane wheels individually by twisting the feet inwards and outwards. This continued foot motion, in synchronization with a twisting torso, propels the cycle over flat ground using kinetics and physics. View the video (bottom right) to appreciate its superb engineering. Durable aluminum and composite frame supports riders up to 220 lbs.


  • Q: What are the pins for?
       A: The pins are for experienced rider ONLY. There is a second set of holes that the pins go into. Once in these holes the necks are locked and you would not be able to self propel. Experienced riders have used this to drop into half pipes and some just like the feel of locking one side and leaving the other loose.

  • Q: Maximum weight?
       A: We approve the machine for riders 180lbs and less. But riders weighing as much as 250lbs have been riding without problems. Should you weigh more than 180 and experience problems please contact the company and we should be able to fix the problem

  • Q: The Grip tape needs replacing what do I do?
       A: The grip tape should last a while. But it’s longevity depends on use. You should not ride with wet feet. And should you need to replace the grip tape most skate shops will be happy to do it for you for $5.00. $5.00 should get you a sheet that will last you 2 or three re-grips.

  • Q: What kind of tricks can you perform on it. Can you rail grind?
       A: Please ride within your skill level and wear helmet and pads at all times. Being a new machine it is up to the riders to develop tricks and further the sport. Check out Brookly Workshop’s YouTube page for rider videos with tricks and lessons. We have not seen anyone rail slide yet, and for now it is not possible on the center cross bar. It may be possible on the frame or on the platforms.

  • Q: Are your feet stuck inside?
       A: There is plenty of room inside the wheel to remove your foot. We have riders with size 16 shoes that ride just fine and are able to remove their feet. It is still safer to just jump back and out of the machine before you fall to avoid a fall while your feet are still inside.

  • Q: Can I take it apart?
       A: The Freerider is serviceable and can be disassembled for cleaning and maintanence. Tools for disassembly are in the box. Just follow the provided instructions.

  • Q: Does is have brakes, how do you stop?
       A: The Freerider does not have brakes. A rider can turn and carve sharply to decrease speed. Do not take it down any steep hills if you can not power-slide.

  • Q: How fast is it/Is it fast?
       A: Freerider is as fast as a regular skateboard or casterboard

  • Q: Can I ride it for my commute/ long distances?
       A: You can try. But the Freerider is most fun in an area ride or skate park where you can carve and propel on a smooth surface.

  • Q: How big & heavy is it?
       A: 30" L x 6 1/2" W x 9 1/2" H. (7 1/4 lbs.)

  • Q: Are there different size crossbars?
       A: Currently there is only one size.

  • Warning - All sports carry a risk of injury. Sometimes accidents happen which are truly unavoidable but usually there are ways to reduce the risks of anything nasty happening. 1. Always wear protective gear. Helmets, knee, elbow and wrist guards. 2. Inspect your equipment before every session. Check the wheels & trucks for excessive wear. Make sure all bolts are tight and the wheels are seated properly. And examine the platform for cracks or stress lines. 3. Live to play another day. On any new terrain, start slowly. Test the traction limits of your wheels. Carve progressively harder to determine the limits of your comfort zone. All persons who ride the featured board do so at their own risk. Monolith Int'l Trading,, the manufacturer of this item, all distributors and local vendors will not be held liable for any injury or damage sustained by any persons, property or board equipment arising out of the use of a street board.

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    AVAILABILITY: Maybe sold out for 2010 but pre-order yours today. Email for ETA. Next batch arrives in mid-Jan 2011.

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