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Description: This men skate has a composite chassis, 76mm/78A wheels and ABEC 5 bearings. It’s a great all-around skate and a good first skate if you’re new to the Hypno line. Of course, like all Hypno Skates, it’s fully upgradeable if you want to add faster bearings, metal spacers or even an aluminum chassis.

STS Concept - Don't feel guilty when your skating buddies have to stop and change into shoes when the sign at the door says "NO SKATES ALLOWED!". The Hypno STS concept guarantees a guilt-free conscience. You can remove the frames from the boots in under 10 seconds. And while your crew is still fumbling with their Jurassic skates of the past, you're already in the door!

A sophisticated mechanical system for perfect anchoring of the shoe, and at the same time, a fit that provides maximum comfort for the foot and support for the ankle. Not just a good-looking shoe that you can fit a chassis to, but an extremely advanced skate, conceived and developed on the basis of a detailed biomechanical analysis of the skating action.
The advantages are countless: Being able to take off the chassis means that you can turn your skates into shoes in a matter of seconds. For the expert skater, this opens up new horizons in terms of freedom of use. For the novice, the fact that you can remove the chassis means that you can overcome a lot of otherwise insuperable obstacles such as hills, rough ground and difficult runs, and enables you to alternate skating with aerobic activity.
Connection Point
The intersole of the show is connected to the chassis at three fundamental points: Front, center and rear. During the push stroke, the three points work in synergy to provide perfect transmission of force.
The shoe clips into the chassis with extreme precision. The lug on the chassis fits perfectly into the recess in the sole, eliminating lateral movement. Stability is the key factor regardless of your level of skill. In order to optimize stability, the inner sole is equipped with special interface rails which ensure maximum anchoring and frontal stability. Rear connection and lateral hold are ensured by the specifically developed "prism" geometry of the chassis.
Long Lasting Sole
The chassis interface is shielded by a special recess in the inner sole. Wear to the sole over time will not interfere with the connection between shoe and chassis.
Your feet will fall in love with the split personality of our new Intersole. In skating mode, the Intersole provides a rigid support interface for the frame connecting to the sole, resulting in super-precise transmission of skating power. In walking mode, toes wiggle with excitement by the shock absorbing flexibility of the Intersole. We consider this the "soul" of the STS line - where your feet meet the street.
Composite Chassis. Made from a composite material of nylon and glass fiber and certified by Du Point, the composite chassis is the result of studies carried out by our R&D department. The elasticity of nylon has been combined with the torsional strength of glass fiber. The result is a chassis that makes for a simple skating action, backs up the movements of the skater and corrects minor errors of technique.

Aluminum chassis. The use of extrusion technology has made it possible to obtain maximum torsional and longitudinal strength. Light weight and rigidity are the key characteristics of this highly innovative chassis. It's available in two types: "6010 aluminum" for high performance and "6005 aluminum" for versatility and light weight.
Venting System
The system is based on a bellows-type device located at the back of the sole and operated by the pressure of the foot during walking and skating. At each step, the device draws in the air and humidity from inside the shoe and expels it.

Hypno skates are more than just good looks. Beneath the surface, you will find as much support and control as any plastic boot. Our designers stripped all the hard plastic off the outside of our skates and isolated the support between the layers of SoftWear construction. It's simple - you get better support with less volume. Replacing bulky plastic with lightweight materials gives you better performance as well as a great looking skate. It's no use to resist, give into your softer side and hit the road.

The IsoSupport technology is a structure made on the last and connected to the intersole. The result of this technology is a single, rigid body that provides perfect lateral support.

Compared to hard plastic molded skates, slippin' into Hypno SoftWear feels like walking on clouds in fur slippers. SoftWear gives skaters enough comfort to keep them going for hours while providing the optimum amount of lightweight support. Our SoftWear boots feature a combination of the rugged tolerance of durable leather and the breathability of nylon mesh. The padding creates a snug, performance fit to put skating power to the pavement. Whether you're walking or skating, the lightweight, flexible construction of the outsole, coupled with the intersole, absorbs road vibration and offers maximum performance. Try our SoftWear boots and you'll never go back to cumbersome injection molded skates again.
Easy Locking System
The operation of the system for locking the chassis to the shoe has been further improved and made more ergonomic. The new lever has been designed to prevent accidental opening and facilitate locking and unlocking.
Removable Brake Pad
Genuine Hypno removable brake pad. Good and loud, too! (For warning pedestrians) The brake pad is easily changed out with the tools that came with the skates, or standard (allen wrench) hex keys.
Hypno Skates Frequently Asked Questions
What are Hypno Skates?
Hypno Skates are high-performance designer inline skates that become walking shoes or ice skates in seconds. Truly more than skates, Hypno Skates' detachable wheelframe system provides "go-anywhere" mobility, performance skating, and cutting-edge Italian footwea fashion inspired by brands like Prada and Doc Martens.
What are the advantages of detatchable skates?
Perfect for college campuses, dense cities, law enforcement applications, or any urban environment! Forget bikes, bike locks and bike theft - the wheels fit right in your backpack. Or get one of our special Hypno carry bags.
Is Hypno more appropriate for advanced skaters or beginning skaters?
Hypno Skates are perfect for both advanced and beginning skaters alike. Beginners will especially appreciate the reduced risk of injury that only Hypnos can provide: Instead of trying to skate down steep hills or steps, anyone can just take them off and walk in complete control and safety. Hypno's higher-performance models feature aluminum chassis and faster bearings for experienced skaters, while the less expensive models are more appropriate for beginners.
Can I wear Hypno boots just like regular footwear?
Hypno skate boots can be worn all day. They're much more comfortable than any other skate you've ever worn, detachable or not. Softwear(TM) technology is soft to the touch and incredibly comfortable yet provides all the necessary ankle support of a true skate. Each skate has the patented Isosupport frame which cradles and supports the ankle. 2001 models (except Overland) are the most soft and comfortable Hypnos ever produced.
How does the locking system work? Is it really safe?
With the chassis properly secured, they will never come off while skating. The Hypno interlock system is engineered for safety and performance. The locking system is made of DuPont Delrin® 500 T (Tough) acetal resin, a tough and lightweight composite that is stable at all temperatures. Truly an engineering masterpiece, the internationally patented design actually locks the boot to the chassis in over 5 different places, ensuring an extremely tight and secure fit. Even after hundreds of miles of walking, the chassis always secures tightly without play in the locking system.
Tell me more about the manufacturer.
All Hypno Skate products are designed & engineered in Treviso, Italy (near Venice), with the manufacturing plant in China. Hypnos are imported and distributed in the US & Canada by Lifestyle Fitness Co. Ltd. Hypnos' manufacturer also makes Fila Racing Skates, whose Fila Dream Team holds numerous world records in inline speed skating.
What kind of warranty is there?
Hypnos come with a 6-month parts & labor warranty, but you'll probably never need it. Their sturdiness will amaze you. Hypnos typically last 5 or more years before needing replacement.
Can I really ice skate with these skates too?
Yes! The new Hypno Ice Blade lets you ice skate on your blades - just pop them in and go! Hardened steel blade.
Can I mix and match boots any wheel chassis?
You can add a separate aluminum chassis set to any order. Shoes and wheel chassis come as a matched set, you cannot mix and match, but you can simply buy an extra chassis. Keep one set as your primary aluminum chassis, and use your plastic chassis for when you have to skate in bad weather, near a sandy beach, etc (your 'beater' set).
Can a removable-chassis skate really skate as well as a traditional fixed-chassis skate?
In the past, the answer was no. You could either have a good skate or a good shoe, but not both. With Hypno, you truly have the best of both worlds because once secured, the chassis literally becomes one with the boot, for a firm and stable ride. Hypnos recessed mounting system is designed to function regardless of the condition of the sole of the boot, so they maintain their integrity even after hundreds of miles of walking on them.
How are Hypno Skates different from other detachable-frame skates?
While the concept of a detachable skate may not be new, Hypno is the first company in history to successfully make a real skate with a removable wheel chassis and Ice Blade option. Hypno is also the only company to make a skate that actually locks into (not onto) the sole of the shoe for the ultimate control and stability. Cheap sneaker-shoes with pop-out wheels are cute for small children, but only Hypnos are real skates for adults, the kind you can actually skate some distance in.
Are the brakes replaceable?
Removable, replaceable rubber brake on all models. All hardware and tools (for changing wheels and brakes) is included. You can use it on either side or remove it completely.
What is the return policy? What if they don't fit or if I don't like them?
Our goal is your total satisfaction. We will give you 100% credit towards another skate of equal or greater value. You can skate on them to try them out. You can usually keep the chassis and exchange only the boots.This even reduces shipping charges. If after trying a couple of pair you find that we are unable to fit you with any skates, you can receive a full refund for the price of the skates as long as they are in brand new condition.
What size should I order?
Hypnos run a little snug, so we normally recommend the followings:
  • Women size = Men size +1. I.E.: Men size 7 = Women size 8
  • Male user orders one full size larger than his shoe size
  • Female user orders one full size larger than her shoe size when ordering women Hypno model like the Sunrise Lady
  • Female user orders 1/2 size larger than her shoe size when ordering men (or unisex) Hypnos models like the Vario, Stealth, Breeze.
  • Male & female users order the larger of 2 sizes if they're in between sizes
If our smallest size is still a lil' bit large for you, you may consider wearing some thicker socks or replace the insole with something like the But regardless of what you order, if you're not happy the fit, you can send it back during the first 14 days for another model or size.
How does the mounting of the chassis to the boot last over time? does it begin to wobble or become loose?
We have customers that have used their Hypno Skates for 10 years or more (going back to when they were branded for Rossignol) and we haven't heard of any instances where the mounting loosens or wobbles over time. The one thing to keep an eye on though, are the screws that hold the plastic part of the chassis to the aluminum frame. Those should be checked occasionally and tightened if needed, but the mount that attaches to the boot itself, seems to stand up really well with time. Of course, that's not an issue with the composite frames as they are a single moulded piece.
All Around


GENDER: unisex
CHASSIS: Composite
WHEEL: 76mm
WEIGHT: 12 lbs.
VENTING SYSTEM: Air Valve Intersole
REINFORCEMENT: support structure
ANKLE SUPPORT: lace all the way up, i.e. better
Latest Model!
US: $175.00


CHASSIS: 6000 aluminum
WHEEL: 80mm
WEIGHT: 12 lbs.
VENTING SYSTEM: Air Exchanger Intersole
REINFORCEMENT: support structure
ANKLE SUPPORT: single velcro strap
Hypno's Best pre-2006 Skate!


CHASSIS: 6005 aluminum
WHEEL: 78mm
WEIGHT: 12 lbs.
VENTING SYSTEM: Air Valve Intersole
REINFORCEMENT: support structure
High Performance and Value!
Warning - All sports carry a risk of injury. Sometimes accidents happen which are truly unavoidable but usually there are ways to reduce the risks of anything nasty happening. 1. Always wear protective gear. Helmets, knee, elbow and wrist guards. 2. Inspect your equipment before every session. Check the wheels & trucks for excessive wear. Make sure all bolts are tight and the wheels are seated properly. And examine the platform for cracks or stress lines. 3. Live to play another day. On any new terrain, start slowly. Test the traction limits of your wheels. Carve progressively harder to determine the limits of your comfort zone.

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Hypno Skates  
Hypno Ice Blades are the perfect addition to your skates. Now you can take the Hypno versatility to the ice! The Hypno Ice Blades add another dimension to your skating possibilities! They're as easy to change as the wheel chassis: on and off in less than 10 seconds. They use the same mounting system as the wheel chassis, so no tools or modifications of any kind are necessary. The blade is made of hardened steel, and they are hockey-style, without the spikes found at the tips of figure-style blades. Imagine: It's summer and you feel like ice skating. You use inline mode to skate to the local indoor ice rink. You take off your wheels and switch to walking mode as you enter. You walk to the ice, put on your ice blades, and off you go, while everyone's jaws drop in amazement! Compatible with all 1998 + newer Hypnos. The manufacturer does not recommend or warranty any hockey use of the Hypno Products in general. S Size is for lady skates 5 to 7.5. M Size is for man skates size 7 - 11 (or lady skates 8 - 12). L Size is for man skates size 11.5 - 14. April '09 update: M Size is all sold out permanently, Hypno Skates Italy is no longer producing them, sorry.
(#9960750220992-L)  Ice Blades $0
(#60750042)  Holster Bag $025
(#8026473444433)  Half-Moon Bag $029
(#756395300705)  Sonic Super Oil $007
(#756395300507)  Sonic Citrus Cleaner $008
(#756395348011)  Sonic Gripz Tool $0N/A
(#756395300606)  Sonic Turbo Wash $015
(#756395300606)  Sonic Arch/Ankle Tighteners $015
Parts & Tools
(#SKU280)  80MM/78a ABEC7 Chassis $N/A
(#SKU282)  78MM/78a ABEC7 Chassis $N/A
(#SKU282)  76MM/78a ABEC5 Chassis $N/A
(#comp-chas)  Composite Chassis $075
(#SKU342)  Stealth Boot $116
(#SKU43)  76mm - 82A Wheels - 4-pk $018
(#SKU2874)  76mm - 78A Wheel - each $004
(#SKU33)  78mm - 78A Wheel - each $004
(#SKU49)  74A Hardness Rebel Wheel - each $005
(#SKU48)  82A Hardness Triton Wheel - each $005
(#bearingsA3)  Bearings - 16-pk
(#60750262)  Brake Pad - each $008
(#30450005)  Brake Housing - each $0018
(#30450067)  Boot Hook - (Old Style) each $003
(#60750019B)  Axle - each $004
(#60750214)  Hook Latch & Screws - each $006
(#SKU15)  External Spacers - 8-pk $010
(#SKU24)  Internal Spacers - 4-pk $010
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۞ NOTE: We reserve the rights to sell parts & accessories only to BOSSBi customers who purchase the main item(s).
۞ CANADIAN CUSTOMERS: Please email us first before ordering as we can ship to you via Canada Post Surface Mail and save you a bundle on freight.

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