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Gath Logo– Since 1989, thousands of users, including professional surfers, have benefited from Australian Ric Gath's lightweight, close-fitting headgear designs.
Gath Pro-Surf Headgear
 Gath Convertibles 
- Gedi Convertible - Purpose designed to meet the special requirements of extreme kayaking (white water and “creeking”), extreme kiteboarding, lifeguard and security personnel using PWC’s, swift water rescue services and others. Design criteria: To provide the best coverage and the most impact protection while still maintaining the low-profile, hydrodynamic shape required for high speed water entry. We believe that the Gedi will set the standard by which all others will be compared. Also ideal for ski/snowboarding, base jumpers, swoopers, wing-suiters, etc. use. This kit includes a safety Ribbed Peak Visor. Small and medium sizes weigh 360 g; large and X-large weigh 420 g. For more info, click here. New XXXL size allows for extra room for a liner for winter paddling. New 2010 Full Face Shields now available. New 2010 Int'l Orange (high-visibility) color is made for USCG. Any Gath helmet can be ordered w/ water-proof Oregon Scientific or Tachyon Video Cam pre-installed. Please email for more info.
(#5215x)  Gedi Convertible $129
(#5215x)  Gedi Visor $030
(#5215x)  Smooth Peak Visor $010
(#5206x)  Face Shield $035

- Surf Convertible - Two helmets in one! The Gath Surf Convertible adapts easily to give a choice of performance benefits. • MINI SKULL CAP: slip off the ear pockets to allow maximum hearing, balance, cooling and freedom of movement • FULL HEAD COVER: slip on the ear pockets to provide maximum coverage, stability, ear protection and adjustable audio vents. • New flexible design gives a superior fit for most head and face shapes! • Secure padding system allows personal customization with easy size adjustment. Also ideal for ski/snowboarding use. Small and medium sizes weigh 280g; large and X-large weigh 305g. For more info, click here. NOTE: Surf Convertible can use the above Gedi visors but don't expect them to work too well.
(#5214x)  Surf Convertible $109
 Gath w/ Full Retractable Visor 
- Gath w/ Full Retractable Visor - this line has long been favored by:
  • Surfers in the tropics (pull the visor down for sun protection)
  • Rescue services (visor protects from helicopter prop wash and spray encountered while driving PWC)
  • Whitewater river enthusiasts (due to near total face and head protection).

    The Gath with Fully Retractable Visor features a polycarbonate shield that offers partial protection from bumps, wind and water. The visor can be adjusted to any position to provide total vision or protection against sun, wind and salt/water spray. It blocks more than 98% UV radiation and provides maximum EPF (Eye Protection Factor). The audio vents are fully adjustable. Small and medium sizes weigh 460g; large and X-large weigh 510g. For more info, click here.

    (#5211xx)  Full Retractable Visor $169
     Gath Sport Hat 
    - Gath Sport Hat - formerly known as the Pro Surf, has a new look that features new and improved foam forehead protection with fine tuning fit options. Long favored for its simplicity, low volume, excellent head and ear coverage, it is the favorite of many surfers who are reluctant to switch to one of the new models. Sky divers also appreciate the low volume, aerodynamic shape and the altimeter bracket option. Choose from a selection of high-quality, high-gloss painted colors or a black "rubber" coating finish. For more info, click here. Please note that the new 2010 high-visibility Int'l Orange Gath was specially designed for water ski racers, w/ audio vents designed to block wind & noise. It features "sealed" ear vents to protect ear drums from pressure & noise. Strap retainers help keep goggles in place. This Orange model is available only in sizes: S/M/L. Size XL in Orange is a standard Gath Sport Hat model, not water ski.
    (#5210x)  Sport Hat $109
    - Comfort Strips
     $ 4 
    - Ear Protector
     $ 20 
    - Altimeter Bracket Kit
     $ 22 
    - Action Cam      
     $ 169 
    - Action Cam INSTALLED
     $ 199 
    - Epic Video Combo Kit
     $ 199 
    - Aquapac Fastener Kit
     $ 7 
    - Aquapac Pro Sports Small Case
     $ 45 
    - Goggle Strap Retainer Kit
     $ 7 
  •   About Gath
     Extreme Sports 
    Whether you’re surfing over coral reef in Indo, carving the snow slopes at Aspen Colorado, jumping out of a plane at 10,000 feet, or speeding across the windy lakes at the Gorge in Oregon…. The super lightweight, stable fit of Gath makes it practical for virtually all extreme sports in Air, Water, Snow & Land (SK8 Boarding) so that you can enjoy your sport longer.
    - Air     
    - Water     
    - Snow     
      Warranty, Disclaimer & More
    Your Gath product is guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for 3 years from the date of purchase, provided you use it as intended and follow the Care Instructions included. This warranty does not include scratches or the effects of overexposure to heat or continual direct sunlight. To be eligible for this warranty, you must fill in the form provided with your Gath product and mail it back to us within 10 days of the date of purchase.
  • Your Gath is NOT designed to provide the level of impact absorption expected of cycling or other land-based headgear.
  • Gath’s unique design is totally different to conventional bulky crash helmet.
  • Gath Helmets 'Trade Off' a percentage of impact absorption for a more close fitting layer of defense to better suit high performance extreme sports.
  • Gath protects against the more frequent sporting head injury caused by glancing blows rather than from a direct head first "crash" into a fixed solid object, where serious injury is likely to occur regardless of helmet.
  • Gath provides a lightweight super snug fitting layer of defense against superficial head injury and water pressure induced ear perforation and the damaging effects from sun, wind and salt spray.
  • All of this protection while maintaining a streamline fit to minimize the risk of possible neck injury when penetrating air, water and snow at high speed.
  • Gath high performance headgear is uniquely designed to provide comfort, total vision and freedom of movement, a must for extreme action sports.
  •  Warning 
    Wearing headgear offers some protection and may build confidence. However, it is no substitute for common sense and may not prevent serious inquiry or death. Gath headgear is not recommended for use as a crash helmet on roads or highways. Gath recommends that the audio vents be closed during any watersports action and that they be opened only at times when water pressure-induced ear injury is not a possibility, full audibility & improved ventilation is desirable.
     Care Instructions 
    1. Avoid exposure to continual periods of direct sunlight and/or excessive heat while not wearing. (Don't leave your Gath in the sun or on your car dash on hot days.)
    2. Certain paints, adhesives, cleaning fluids, petrol or petroleum products may damage the plastic components.
    3. Rinse your Gath thoroughly with fresh, clean water after use and store in the protective bag supplied.
     The Truth About Safety Headgear 
    They CANNOT guarantee your safety or even your survival from a high speed CRASH! If properly designed & fit, and if worn consisently, they will help to:
  • Prolong your participation: Don't let cold or a bloody abrasion shorten your day... Don't let degenerative illness shorten your sports career.
  • Protect your inner ear(s) from rupture by sudden pressure.
  • Protect your head and ear(s) from all manner of "rock or reef rash".
  • Protect covered areas from boards and fins (yours or others'!)
  • Maintain core temperature with less wetsuit. You may enjoy more comfort, less restriction with a thinner wetsuit. (Save 20% heat loss vs. uncovered head.)
  • Protect skin & eyes from sun burn, skin cancer.
  •  In Selecting The best headgear for watersports, look for: 
  • Close Fit: To enter water cleanly and reduce "bucketing" or "sea anchor" effects. The faster you hit the water, the more important this consideration is.
  • Maximum Coverage, Including Ears: Get the most coverage you can.
  • Light Weight: Very important for your long-term comfort. Be sure that the weight is nearly the same wet or dry. (Avoid open cell foam liners!)
  • Unrestricted Vision: Headgear should be designed to permit full peripheral vision and prevent water from draining over your eyes when emerging from water.
  • Proper Fit & Sizing: Pre-sized headgear with multiple shell sizes are better than one shell size + pad to fit all.
  • Quality Materials & Hardware: Face it, a helmet made for skate boarding is not made for water, certainly not salt water.
  •  Testimonials 
  • We are preparing for sliders in competition in our league... headgear is mandatory in this aspect of the sport... Gath headgear provided the correct fit so that the rider is not preoccupied with keeping the helmet out of his line of sight... many helmets have a looser fit and you may notice constantly adjusting these helmets. The Gath helmet also provides ear protection on falls typical of learning spins... many a rider has felt the severe pain of a ruptured eardrum after a lateral fall after hanging an edge on a spin... the Gath helmet's design provides the ear protection needed while learning to master spins. -Mark Green, INT Announcer & Competitor, North Little, Rock, AR
  • I live in Florida by Cocoa Beach and I am worried about the sun damage to the face. (A friend of mine just had to have his scalp scraped to get rid of skin cancer.) I sometimes wear ski goggles to protect the eyes but they are bulky and get knocked off... Even sun screen will not do as well as a helmet with shield in the tropics for sun protection. -J.B., Kennedy Space Center, FL
  • I have a Gath Hat (Prosurf), large and it's white. I purchased it at Surf 'n Sea in Haleiwa. I've been totally stoked on the Gath product. It's already saved me once. That's all it takes for a lifetime. The helmet has paid for itself bigtime. My wife and 3-1/2-year-old probably appreciate even more than I do. Thanks again. -M.B., Haleiwa, HI
  • I recommend to my students to use the good temple coverage, molded lightweight helmet like a Gath Helmet, allowing lightweight ease of head movement and excellent peripheral vision. -Tom Long, Cascade Raft and Kayak
  • Thank you for your generous offer to replace the enclosed cracked helmet. I have been wearing a helmet every day since January 1, 1997. It has added confidence and safety on big and small surf days alike. In late October, I was surfing at a local beach break, a second session that day. It was a Saturday with a lot of weekend warriors on old logs. The surf was three to five foot. I rode a wave in and was paddling back out. A set came in and a guy started to paddle and go left on a right. He went over the falls about ten to fifteen feet from me. I duck dived under the wave to avoid his board. The 9.6' velzy shot from under his feet right toward me, and before I could reach, "bounced" off this helmet, cracking it. Thank you for the quality of this product. -P.C., Encinitas, CA
  • My surf gear has, in my opinion, enhanced my confidence and general surfing experience. Without the Gath helmet, I would not be able to push my performance level as high as needed. -T.J., Canada
  • It was the first time in months that I hadn't worn my Gath surf helmet in the water, and wouldn't you know it- that's when I had a contest with a surfboard fin and lost. The final outcome was six stitches in my left temple while the fin got away clean. ... What I learned was that I should always wear my Gath surfing helmet from now on... -J.J., Pacifica, CA
  • I want you to express my gratitude to Gath for having saved my life about 2-3 months ago at the Lane.... Suddenly I was pitched and then I felt this "hughmunguss" blow to the top of my head... At the car the guys were glad to see me because it was by now definitely black with no moon. I proceeded to take off my helmet... Boy! Was I surprised to see it broken from ear to ear! And it wsa all disjointed like a drunken clamshell. ... So again, thanks, and please rush me some new ultra headgear. By the way, my helmet has protected me from some severe blows from my windsurfer mast. -Robert T. Scott, MD, President, Doc's Proplugs, Inc., Santa Cruz, CA
  • I just wanted to tell you that the helmet I recently bought for whitewater kayaking kicks butt. It is one of the best pieces of gear I have purchased besides my boat. ... Anyway, great product and thanks. See you on the river. -B.S., via e-mail
  • My Gath helmet has helped me when someone did an aerial and landed on my head and another time when my board went over the falls and hit me on the head. I believe my helmet saved me from splitting my head open. I'm glad you make helmets for surfers and have sizes that fit kids like me. -J.B., Santa Cruz, CA
  •   Fitting & Accessories
    The Gath Helmet is totally different to other helmets and before a customer can choose the correct size, he or she must understand the correct fitting method. The Helmet is held in both hands at the chinstrap rivet points with the visor fully retracted. The neoprene headband is placed on the forehead below the hairline and the Helmet is then "peeled" on. This ensures that it sits correctly on the head for sizing purposes and, when in the water, prevents hair and water from falling in the eyes.
    Correct fit is critical. It needs to fit snugly around the head and ears, tight enough not to move around, yet still be comfortable. Have someone else measure around your head at forehead level using a cloth tape measure; a metal tape measure will not give an accurate measurement. Sideways movement does not matter much but frontward movement is critical. The Helmet must not be loose enough to slip down over the eyebrows. If the customer is between sizes it is better to choose the larger size. It is a simple matter to place a piece of 3/4" x 3" x 1.5 to 5mm neoprene padding beneath the liner above the forehead and at back to produce a snug fit. This will eliminate the forward movement of a slightly loose fitting helmet.
     Size Chart for Gedi/Surf 
    Size Head Measure Head Measure
    XS up to 21¼" up to 54 cm
    S 21¼ - 21-7/8" 54 - 55.5 cm
    M 22 - 22-5/8" 56 - 57.5 cm
    L 22-7/8 - 23¼" 58 - 59 cm
    XL 23-3/8 - 24" 59.5 - 61 cm
    XXL 24 - 24-3/8" 61 - 62 cm
    XXXL 24½ - 25" 63 - 64 cm
     Size Chart for Full Retractable Visor 
    Size Head Measure Head Measure
    XS up to 21¼" up to 54 cm
    S 21¼ - 21-7/8" 54 - 55.5 cm
    M 21-7/8 - 22-5/8" 55.5 - 57.5 cm
    L 22-5/8 - 23¼" 57.5 - 59 cm
    XL 23¼ - 23-3/8" 59.5 - 61 cm
    XXL 23-3/8 & up 61 - 62 cm
     Size Chart for Sport Hat 
    Size Head Measure Head Measure
    XS up to 21¼" up to 54 cm
    S 21-5/8 - 22" 54 - 56 cm
    M 22¼ - 22-7/8" 56 - 58 cm
    L 22-7/8 - 23-3/8" 58 - 59.5 cm
    XL 23-3/8 - 23-5/8" 59.5 - 61 cm
      - Fits S - M
    - Replacement Retractable Visor
     $ 25 
      - Fits L - XL
    - Replacement Retractable Visor
     $ 25 
    - Gath Storage Bag
     Incl. w/ helmet 
    - Audio & Temp. Control Vents
     $ 5 
    - Audio Vent Spanner
     $ 5 

    © - USA. 267-645-6340 (fax)
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