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Gath Logo– Barz Sports Optics from Australia were originally developed for surfing to provide eye protection from salt water, sand, sun and wind. But the more people that see them, the more uses we discover... Boating, Kayaking, Jet Skiing, Skydiving, Snow Skiing, Snowboarding, Surfing, Water Skiing, Windsurfing, Skateboarding, etc.
Barz Cross-Sport Goggles
Barz produces their injection moulded frames in South East Queensland, Australia. All assembley is also carried out at their HQ, enabling them to achieve optimum quality control. The "ARFA", is supplied with three sizes of flexible interchangeable bridges, enabling the glasses to flex depending on the wearer's face shape and nose bridge width. The "ARFA" suits Asian, Caucasian and Negroid face structures from children to adults.

For motorcycle and PWC riders, mountain bikers, surfers and surf kayakers, sailors who need protection from heavy “spray in your face” type conditions, kite boarders and windsurfers, snow skiers and snow boarders who are sensitive to dry air, sky divers, race boat drivers, high altitude climbers, dry eye syndrome, industrial safety, rescue services and military.

 Extreme Protection 
  • Barz Rx-able Cross-Sport Goggles protect your eyes by completely insulating them from the "elements" of sun, water and spray, wind, dust, sand and pebbles, all while looking good and maintaining excellent peripheral vision. They are used by motorcycle and PWC riders, mountain bikers, surfers and surf kayakers, sailors, kite boarders, windsurfers, snow skiers and snowboarders, sky divers, race boat drivers, high altitude climbers, skateboarders and dry eye syndrome sufferers. Barz Cross-Sport Goggles are also used in industrial safety, rescue and military services.
  •  Safety Frames 
  • Barz Cross-Sport Goggles molded nylon frames are virtually unbreakable and were designed so that the lenses cannot be dislodged inwardly from a frontal impact. Lenses for Barz Goggles must be installed and removed from the front. By including unbreakable polycarbonate lenses with Barz Cross-Sport safety frames, you get the strongest and safest Rx-able sport goggles possible.
  •  Lenses 
  • This is the BIG benefit! If you need serious vision correction, you appreciate being able to see optically clear. Many people have lost some visual acuity with age and appropriate correction can add measurably to performance, pleasure and safety. The range of options and services is expanding, so please keep checking on this page for updated information. Barz use polycarbonate high impact lens with a scratch resistant coating on the front of the lens and an anti-fog coating on the rear. All lenses have a UV400 treatment including our clear and high definition yellow for 100% UVA & UVB protection.
    Optical quality blue/grey polycarbonate lenses are included with all Barz goggles. Polycarbonate is recommended for all extreme sports because it is virtually unbreakable. Purchase additional lens colors or polarized lenses as desired. Lenses can easily be removed or reinstalled.
    • Blue/Grey - The best all-around choice for sun protection in a wide range of light conditions.
    • High-Definition Yellow - Specialized color for low light or flat light conditions.
    • Clear - Untinted lenses still provide UVA and UVB protection.
    • Polarized - Specialized grey or brown lenses that remove glare to facilitate vision over or through water. Ideal for boating, sailing, fishing, etc.
  •  Gaskets 
  • Gaskets are now softer, stiffer, deeper. They are produced from flexible surgical PVC. They taper so that by placing the widest point on the outside of the frame more facial curve is created - enabling the glasses to fit a narrower face or one which is deeper set on the outside of the eyes. By rotating the gaskets so that the widest point is nearer to the nose, the glasses will fit a flatter face better. If the widest point is on the bottom of the frame, this will suit a wearer who has a protruding brow bone and hollow cheeks. Barz Optics are supplied with two sets of gaskets - one set are solid for in-water uses (e.g.: surfing) and create a seal. The other vented one has breather holes and are ideal for on or out of water activities such as Jet Skiing, Snowboarding, Sky Diving and industrial uses. You can even switch gaskets between sports. They are available in black (softer and more flexible) or clear.
  •  Custom Fit 
  • While Barz Cross-Sport Goggles come fully assembled and ready to wear, they can be easily disassembled and rebuilt to provide a more customized fit. Included options and variables include:
    • Nose bridge width (3 choices).
    • Curvature of nose bridge (flexible bridges self-adjust to the curvature of your face).
    • Gaskets (2 sets included, 1 pair each of vented and sealed) are asymmetrical and provide rotate-to-fit capability. Note: Soft, firm and deep gaskets are also available to amid fitting.
    • Strap tension. Custom fitting requires a bit of patience, but no tools.
  •  Extreme Security 
  • Barz Cross-Sport Goggles are retained by elastic straps that are more durable and hold your cross-sport eye wear more securely than temple bars. Additionally, elastic straps fit comfortably inside or outside of sport helmets. Watersports participants should install the new heavy duty "surf leash" unless the goggles are being secured to or under your headgear. Store your Barz in its durable and convenient zippered neoprene case when not in use.
  •  "Hydro Clear" Anti-Fog 
    Performs like no other. Our coating is a baked on coating, that eliminates fogging even when exposed to the water for hours, it is also self-healing of small scratches.

    Hydro Clear works on a hydrophobic (water shearing) principle, reducing the surface tension of the water, causing it to sheet off the lens. Most other anti-fog coatings are hydrophilic (absorbs water), which can eventually reach saturation point and the begin to fog.

    As with most precision optical products, our Hydro Clear lenses require proper care to give maximum performance and long life.The lenses must be kept clean to ensure optimum anti-fogging capability and visual clarity. Body oils, cosmetics and suntan lotion may create a barrier to the anti-fog. Use care when cleaning each lens. First blow off all dust and sand particles then rinse under clean fresh water gently wiping afterwards with a very soft cloth (preferably a micro fiber lens cleaning cloth available from optometrist). DO NOT USE ALCOHOL OR PETROCHEMICAL CLEANERS as they will react with and damage the anti-fog coating.

     Loss Prevention 
  • BACK STRAPS : Barz Optics are supplied with positive grip stretch nylon strap for all applications. The Neoprene pad can be threaded onto the strap allowing the glasses to float for in/on-water uses.
  • COILED LEASH : is designed to clip onto the slot in the glasses frame and onto the user's life jacket, wetsuit or wet shirt. It is ideal for use in turbulent water such as surf or river rapids.
  • BARZ SOFT PROTECTIVE CASE: Is designed to protect your quality optical product from heat and scratching the neoprene will float if dropped into the water and the clip allows it to be clipped onto a belt loop when not in use.
  • FLEXIBLE BRIDGES: The three sizes should enable the glasses to fit up to 95% of the faces in the world. These bridges are made from flexible nylon and should withstand much abuse and UV damage.
  • BARZ OPTIC WARRANTY: Barz have a 12-month warranty against faulty workmanship or product failure. Barz gaskets and flexible bridges have a 12-month warranty against failure or loss. Please contact your distributor for replacements.

    Due to the extreme elements that our product will be put through, we cannot warranty our lenses against scratching but we do supply replacements for a nominal charge.

     Barz Molded Frames with Polycarbonate Lenses 
    - Barz ARFA - ARFA sunglass/goggle TR90 Grillamid frame fitted with polycarbonate lenses. Choose between frame colors, lense colors, lense polarization. NOTE: Photochromic lenses are also polarised by nature. As of May, 2010, BARZ no longer offers photochromic lenses.
    (#)  Non-Polarised $099
    Frame: Lenses:  
    Frame Colors:
    (#)  Polarised $129
    Frame: Lenses:  

     Barz Goggles w/ Prescription Lenses 
    The ability for people to see clearly while they do whichever sport they prefer is one reason that people are so excited about the Barz prescription goggles.

    How to order:

    1. Order a pair of Non-Polarised Black Barz frames above & try them on so that you can determine which nosebridge (out of 3 sizes) fits your face. Reason being that changing the nosebridge will also change the pupillary distance of the lenses. NOTE: Black frame ONLY due to its extra strength.
    2. Select from the following pull-down menu: Nose Bridge size, Presscription Lens Color, Lens Options, & also fill in the blanks on the Rx form.
    3. Return the frames with the above info & your prescription to the warehouse and we will have your lenses fitted professionally by our local affiliated optical lab.
    4. Finally, we will send you back the finished product.
    In general, prescriptions of -5.00 to +1.00 can be made to fit into the Barz frames. There are sometimes exceptions, so please contact us prior to ordering when in doubt. Lab time is approximately 5 working days (for domestic US orders). The price for prescription Barz is frame ($99) + prescription lens ($115) = $214. Moreover, they can be made polarized for an additional fee. The above right photo shows an example of Barz with a relatively high Rx lens. Because Barz have a safety feature in which the lens is inserted from the front and cannot be pushed through the back into your eye, note that the lens extends out the front.
    - Nose Bridge
     $ 5 
    - Prescription Lens Color
     $ 115 
    - Lens Option - Polarized
     $ 60 
    - Lens Option - Photochromic
     $ 60 
    ↓ You must include the following prescription lenses information in the Special Order Instruction field of your check-out form.
      Spherical Cylindrical Axis
     D.V.  O.D. (RIGHT)      
     O.S. (LEFT)      
     Pupillary Distance    MUST include pupillary distance
    - Spare Lenses
     $ 30 /pr.
    - Spare Polarized Lenses
     $ 60 /pr.
    - Spare Photochromic Lenses
     $ 70 /pr.
    - Replacement Standard Depth Gaskets
     $ 7 /pr.
    - Replacement Deep Depth Gaskets
     $ 8 /pr.
    - Neoprene Case
     $ 12 
    - Leash - New Heavy Duty
     $ 8 
    - FogZero Anti-Fog & Scratch Repair
     $ 7 
    - Elastic Strap with Hoop & Loop Fastener
     $ 8 
    - Elastic Strap with Buckles
     $ 7 
      Uses, FAQ, Testimonials & More
    This product is aimed at the following markets:
  • Jet Skiers or PWC Rider
  • Harley Users or Those Who Use Open Face Helmets
  • Kitesurfing
  • Snowboarders or Snow Skiers
  • Motor Cyclists
  • Surfs and Bodyboarders
  • Sailboarders
  • Surf Lifesavers - Lifeguards
  • Whitewater Rafters
  • ATV Riders
  • Snow Mobiles
  • Mountain Bikers
  • Racketball sports
  • Ball Sports
  • Water Skiers, Speedboat Drivers
  • Wake Boarders
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Canoeists - Outrigger, Ocean and Rivers
  • Sailors - of Cats and Dinghies and Ocean Racers
  • Outdoor Water Aerobic Enthusiasts
  • Sky Divers
  • Various Industrial and Manufacturing Industries
  • Anyone who is Out In The Elements of Wind, Salt, Water, Dust and Glare
  • Those Who Have the Potential of Eye Damage from Playing Their Chosen Activity or Sport
  • Those who Require RX Prescription Lenses or Protection of Their Contact Lenses
  • Sufferers of Dry Eye Condition
  •  Pterygia 

    Barz provide the eye protection needed to help prevent the formation of pterygium. The eye forms these "calluses" to protect itself from exposure to the elements: sun, wind, glare, dust... Even if pterygium are surgically removed, they will grow back unless the cause is also removed. Barz is the answer!
  • What Are Barz? -
    Barz are sport goggles that protect the eyes by completely insulating them from wind, sun, (salt)water and glare. Many people wear their sunglasses, only to remove them for hours and hours of extreme exposure such as when they wakeboard, surf, windsurf or kayak. Barz offer protection when you need it most!
  • Frames -
    Versatile Barz can accommodate most adult faces! Each pair comes with three sizes of interchangeable nosebridges: narrow, medium and wide to enable the glasses to fit the wearer's face shape. Barz are available in a variety of frame colors.
  • Won't they come off and get lost? -
    In addition to the elastic strap, Barz are secured by attaching the coiled leash to a life vest, rash guard or wetsuit zipper pull.
  • Do they float? -
    The frame and lenses do not float, but each pair of Barz comes with a float to be worn on the strap, if desired.
  • What about fogging? -
    As needed, place one drop of Johnson's Baby Shampoo in each lens; smear with finger and lightly rinse with water prior to use. In a pinch, use kelp or spit instead of baby shampoo.
  • Can I get rid of water droplets? -
    Droplets of water on the outside of the lens can be eliminated by the same means that water photographers use on their lenses. Apply and buff only the outside of the lens with a soft wax or furniture polish prior to use. One application should last numerous uses.
  • Are prescription lenses available? -
    Yes! See above for more information.
  • Why do Barz cost so much? -
    How much are your eyes worth? How much did you pay for your last pair of quality sunglasses? Most people are willing to pay the very reasonable price for good-looking frames and premium lenses that they can wear while participating in their favorite extreme activities. You won't find better quality!
  • Is there a warranty? -
    Barz frames have a 12-month warranty against faulty workmanship or product failure. The gaskets and flexible bridges have a 12-month warranty against failure or loss. Because of the extreme elements that Barz may be put through, there is no warranty against scratching of the lenses, but replacements are available for a reasonable charge.
  •  Testimonials 
    Barz got me back in the water after a 25+ year hiatus. After a brief career longboarding the breaks around Santa Cruz, CA in the mid 1970s, I was effectively forced from the water by "vision impairment." My surfing skills had peaked at a fairly low level. (It's difficult to catch waves you can't see well, much less judge accurately.) Now, thanks to by Barz goggles, I have reinvented myself as an avid sponger, enjoying the breaks around Marin County and all over NorCal. Barz is the only viable product which could have permitted this. I am surprised I don't see more of them... more waves for me. If you have questions on how to best use your Barz, especially in rough condiitons, feel free to contact me at Also, the customer service and support for Barz products provided by Murrays is top notch. -A.F., Larkspur, CA
    Barz goggles block the wind from reaching my eyes. This makes them a good choice for my sailboat racing because of the reduced need to blink and an increased ability to keep track of the competition through the polarized lenses. As a survivor of eye cancer, I am completely comfortable with the protection they offer to my 20x16 vision from the sun's potentially deadly effects. -R.R., Newton, MA
    I bought a pair of your goggles for sailing and am very pleased with them. I wear contact lenses and sail a Hobie Cat. The spray would often get in my eyes and cause my lenses to "float" and I could not see clearly for long periods of time. This has now been solved with your excellent product. -D.A., Truckee, CA
    My name is Joel Whitmore and I am an airline pilot. I live in Puerto Rico and spend almost all my free time at the beach. If there is wind, I windsurf. If there are waves, I surf. If there are no waves or wind, I play with my two golden retrievers, throwing sticks into the water, and snorkeling around, or I stay home and mow the lawn. About a year ago I bought a pair of Barz goggles for my beach activities. I don't know how I ever existed without them now. They are the best equipment for my eyes. I don't have bloodshot eyes anymore after a good session of windsurfing or surfing. And because I wear glasses I enjoy clear vision while playing. Even if I didn't wear glasses, I would use my Barz because they really help my eyes. I recommend Barz goggles to anyone who likes water sports. -J.W., Puerto Rico
    When I'm wearing my goggles, my eyes are protected from splash and from impact by objects. Unlike a lot of my 20/20 paddling buds, I don't have to blink water out of my eyes after I go over a drop, and I feel that I'm more protected from loose paddles in a crowded eddy. Tell Barz to keep up the good work. Kayakers need good protective eyewear! -M.M., via e-mail
    After finding it virtually impossible to go mountain biking in the rain and mud I searched around for a decent pair of goggles and have sworn by Barz Optics ever since. Regardless of the conditions, the goggles were bomberproof. -G.D., Australia
    Received my goggles today - as promised! All exactly as advertised - with a few extras. Looking forward to trying them out and expect to be "the envy" of the lineup. Thanks again. -B.W., Portland, ME
    The optics work unreal. I will "back" these all the way! A couple guys had "Spex" (on this trip) and they tried mine on and they have been converted. It's a great product and my eyes thank you. -E., on vacation at Tavarua Island
    I used these glasses while windsurfing Maui for the latter half of the summer and fall and have about 25-30 days on my present pair. I have used a variety of corrective lenses systems/sport goggles over the years and these are by far the most comfortable. I often wore them 7-8 hours a day on the water. ... All in all, a very superior product. -R.A., Phoenix, AZ
    Just a note to tell you how great the Barz prescription goggles are. I can see at the beach for the first time in my life! Thanks! -R.C., Naples, FL
    Murray's Barz are a godsend to whitewater paddlers. For whitewater kayakers- who spend most of the time playing in holes, surfing on waves, or rolling under water- Barz are essential gear. ... For me, being able to keep my eyes open going into a big hole or surfing a really gnarly wave has made all the difference in the world. I've also found that Barz have enabled me to joust rocks and other river hazards that come into play when I'm underwater, getting worked, trying to pull off a roll. Barz optics are flawless. Optically, they're better than any other eyewear or sunglasses I've owned. The wraparound lenses eliminate any of the distortion encountered by other specs and provide peripheral vision unparalleled by sunglasses. My paddling's really benefited from your products. Of course, now I'm a little bit more cautious about the whitewater I run because now I can actually see what I'm getting myself into. Whatever activity I'm engaged in, Murray's Barz have become the one piece of equipment that I'm sure to pack every time I leave the house. -J.H., Tacoma, WA
    I wish to thank you for introducing me to Barz Optics. The frames have worked extremely well in the sun and, along with my personal eyeglass prescription, they have made windsurfing and surfing much more enjoyable. I recently spent 3 weeks in Baja California, Mexico and they worked perfectly. -T.C., Ventura, CA
    The glasses fit comfortably, especially under the Gath helmet. The first thing I noticed about the glasses was the instant vision recovery after punching through waves on the paddle out. The second, and perhaps most valuable, aspect of the glasses is continuous clear vision. -S.M., Santa Barbara, CA
    Overexposure to the sun at my advancing age is harmful to my eyes. Without my eyes, it would be hard to do all the fun outdoor stuff that I like to do. -G.N., San Francisco, CA
      Swim Goggles
    Barz Optics have introduced a range of swim goggles into their product line. They are available in non prescription and with off-the-shelf corrective lenses from -2.00 to -7.00 in increments of .50. Features:
  • Shatterproof polycarbonate lenses with or without built-in prescription.
  • Can be fitted w/ different prescription lenses in each eye to achieve optimum clarity.
  • Smoke lens to eliminate glare.
  • Anti-scratch coating on the front.
  • Anti-fog coating on the rear.
  • 100% UV protection.
  • High-quality silicone strap and gaskets.
  • Three sizes of interchangeable flexible bridges.
  • Supplied with a set of matching ear plugs.
     Swim Goggles w/ Non-Prescription Lenses 
    - Swim Goggles Black
     $ 35 
    - Swim Goggles Clear
     $ 35 
    - Swim Goggles Light Blue
     $ 35 
    - Swim Goggles Dark Blue
     $ 35 
     Swim Goggle Kits for Corrective Lenses 
    - Swim Goggle Kit
     $ 19 
    - Rx Corrective Lenses
     $ 19 /each
  •   Sunglasses
  • Economical protection from wind and spray.
  • Polarized lenses are available in gray or amber. Choose gray for brighter light; amber provides more contrast and is appropriate for lower or variable light conditions.
  • Polarized, 1.1mm acetate lenses.
  • Neoprene floater/leash may prevent loss.
  • Neoprene case with belt clip is included.
  • Readers are available in Nauru and Straddie frames so that you can see your watch, course chart or tie your fish hook.
    - Nauru
     $ 50 
    - Maui
     $ 50 
    - Bali
     $ 50 
    - Nias
     $ 50 
    - Fraser
     $ 50 
    - Straddie
     $ 50 
    - Palmy
     $ 50 
    - Dougie
     $ 99 
    - Brisso
     $ 99 
    BARZ SUNGLASSES WITH READERS: Polarized, 1.1mm acetate lenses with built-in readers so that you can see your watch, course chart or tie your fish hook.
    - Nauru Reader
     $ 60 
    - Straddie Reader
     $ 60 

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