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Sled Specifications:

Mad River Rocket is an innovative sled company committed to developing the free sledding sport, promoting a sledding element to the backcountry and making the most performance oriented sleds on the market.

The Mad River Rocket is built to perform. The hull is fabricated from thick, virgin polyethylene. Sure-grip, ribbed knee pads are designed for comfort and performance. Our sled features a quick release lap belt.

Two holes are precision drilled into the bow (Classic and Killer B models only) making it easy to attach ropes or a stiff hitch pulling system for backcountry camping expeditions. Our sleds are designed to carve turns and perform tricks and are also used by outdoor enthusiasts who snowshoe the backcountry and Rocket back down.

  • bow - Gunwales are raised at the bow to protect against the intrusion of snow.
  • rugged plastic hull - Radical hull design with parallel ribs that act like wide skis to support the sled while moving through the snow. Plastic is made of a virtually indestructible material.
  • negative keel - Enables riders to get a grip in powder, allowing for sharp turns on steep slopes.
  • knee pads - Cushion rider's knees from bumps and landings; kneeling position allows you to see ahead, lean for balance & control steering.
  • rocker - Sled is not flat, rounded rocket is essential for precision steering.
  • strap - Quick release lap belt secures the rider to the sled; tricks such as inverted aerials can be performed. It also doubles as a sling allowing the sled to be carried across a rider's back.
  • monorail - Central channel constructs a monorail of packed snow enhancing axial stability & enabling more precise steering.
  • double edge chines - allows for a natural braking action & precision steering
  • bolts - Front bolts can be used to convert the sled into a pulk; the Killer B Sled is used by mountaineering enthusiasts around the world.

Mad River Rocket History:

The evolution of the Mad River Rocket began with renowned architect David Sellers and friends in Warren, Vermont. They set out to find a better way to slide down the hills of Vermont.

Their early ideas began with toboggans sliced in half and pinned together for rapid steering. They were heavy, big and had no control surfaces. They also tried to modify the cheap toy store sleds. They realized that in order to be safe and to see the changing terrain as you glide through the thick forests prevalent in Vermont, they had to develop a new type of sled.

Many of the experimenters with this new sled design were also kayakers and white water canoers. The similarities are strong. In white water you need to be high enough in the water to see ahead and you need to lean and brace for balance. They experimented with sled designs that incorporated the kneeling position, quickly added a knee strap and knew they had a design that would be highly maneuverable in powder snow.

They had come up with a design that allowed them to traverse snowy terrain without slipping. This is an essential element in the Rocket; we call it the “negative keel,” which packs a monorail of snow under the sled. This snow rail has enough strength to allow for a traverse without slipping and which is easily broken with a weight shift in order to change direction.

No sooner than the rocket was launched, kids started doing tricks on rockets that blew our minds! We have since been devoted to developing the free sledding sport as well as promoting the backcountry benefits of our sled. Whether you’re doing misty’s or carving down a sick mountain in the back woods, we hope you have a blast on our sleds!

Sleds: All of our sleds feature a quick release lap belt and kneepads that are designed for comfort and performance. The kneeling position allows you to see ahead, lean for balance and control steering. The plastic shells are made in the USA of recycled plastic.

Killer B Sled Stinger Sled Lexan Sled
- Our awesome Killer B Sled. Black shell with green rocket ship graphic, yellow ribbed kneepads, padded black strap, and red bolts. Mark your sled on the strap plate using a permanent marker. Weight Limit 250lbs. - Inspired by the Killer B, this sled is slightly smaller for children ages 10 and under. Black shell with red rocket ship graphic, charcoal ribbed kneepads, and padded straps (no front bolts). Mark your sled on the strap plate using a permanent marker. Weight Limit 100lbs. - Optically clear with outstanding dimensional and thermal stability. Clear shell shaped in our original sled design, yellow ribbed kneepads, padded black strap, and red bolts. Made of the same bullet-proof glass material. Weight Limit 250lbs.
Weight: 6-lb / Length: 47" / Height: 6" / Width: 20". Note: 2010 models come w/ black pads, not hot pink or yellow. Weight: 5.34-lb / Length: 41.83" / Height: 5.34" / Width: 17.8" Weight: 6-lb / Length: 47" / Height: 6" / Width: 20"

Warning - Attention: To reduce the risk of serious injury, only use while wearing full protective gear, including a helmet, wrist guards, elbow pads and knee pads. Be sure to adhere to your local safety laws when operating any BMW product.

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