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Hammerhead Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is the HAMMERHEAD sled?
  • The HAMMERHEAD is the best performing, engineered and stylish gravity snow sled on the market. It’s designed for adults as well as older kids and teens.

  • Where can I ride it?
  • Ride the HAMMERHEAD sled anywhere you would ride a plastic sled. We can also email you a venue section that keeps track of the best places to sled - both local and ski areas. It's got over 300 places and is growing as we've only scratched the surface!

  • Are you working on ski area access?
  • YES! The HAMMERHEAD team knows the key to access is you. Revenue speaks louder than words to ski resorts. But we are working with ski area and snow sports organizations at a high level and with individual resorts at a grass-roots level. In our design phase we incorporated all the requirements received from the resorts to meet the minimum criteria. We’ll spend much of this season traveling and showing off our new, safe, and steerable snow sled to areas. Tube parks should become a thing of the past as HAMMERHEAD parks will be much more exciting. Big hills will be available soon. Ask us for the guide to get access on your local ski hill.

  • Can I customize the sled?
  • Yes! The HAMMERHEAD is the perfect sled for customization/personalization. We currently offer a wide list of available components and accessories on the web site including lights, mirrors, leashes cargo nets, skis and much more.

  • How many people can fit on a Hammerhead??
  • The Hammerhead is designed for one person at a time! PLEASE adhere to this; it's not a toboggan (family rig) and safety can be compromised.

  • Does this easily fit in my car?
  • Yes, it’s about the same size as a Flexible Flyer and fits in the back of a Subaru Outback for example. It also travels well in rooftop carriers, ski racks and bike racks. The sled is very light too.

  • Can I put this on my ski rack?
  • Yes, you can mount this sled on most ski racks using typical paddle/mast connectors, bike rests and in roof cargo carriers.

  • Why is it so light weight?
  • The careful design and computer-aided analysis enabled the engineers to make precise use of aircraft aluminum, light-weight plastics, and fabric - materials that were unheard of in sledding until now.

  • The seat looks unique. What is it?
  • The AirTastictm seat uses a high tech fabric and carrier material that is light, strong, cold resistant, doesn’t form to shape and provides a surreal cushioned ride.

  • Sledding is dangerous; this sled looks fast so is it dangerous?
  • Sledding can be dangerous! Please read and understand all warnings. The HAMMERHEAD sled is designed with safety in mind. The sled is the best performing sled in the market meaning that turning, ergonomic riding position and suspension, give positive control in most conditions. In addition, Hammerhead has no sharp points, edges, or exposed fasteners, and has padded controls and surfaces to minimize injury. Plus it is very light meaning minimal mass. As is true with any moving sport, be sure to wear your helmet (and goggles for visibility). At a resort, you must be connected to a safety leash. (We recommend one at all times).

  • Can I take this sled to the local ski area?
  • Each ski area has its own rules about devices that can ride up chair lifts and mingle with other skiers, snowboarders, and other toys. If you look closely, you’ll see ski bikes, ski jacks, snow scooters and more up there these days. Other "snow toys" have already created the ability to use alternative devices on mountains. Ski areas are looking for ways to increase skier visits and that melds with non-discrimination, especially if the device is safe.

    We are creating a list of HAMMERHEAD-approved ski areas on the web site. Until you see your local ski area listed, you’ll need to check with the director or manager of "mountain operations". Generally they will look at the device and make a judgment call based on its ability. The three musts:

    1. Controllable. The device has to be able to turn enough to turn back up the hill or avoid other riders.
    2. Braking. The device must be able to stop either via brake, or hockey stop (sharp turn).
    3. Safety Leash. The device must be tethered to prevent it from falling from chairlifts, free running down the hill.
    As far as riding up, you can hook the HAMMERHEAD to the safety bar, or hold on to it in your lap, leashed to your leg. If you get your HAMMERHEAD approved at your local ski area, let us know and we will post the area on our web site.

  • Can I go head first?
  • Yes, the HAMMERHEAD is designed for both the sit down position (better visibility and head safety), and for headfirst lay down position (lower center of gravity and better hand control). Its ergonomic platform is designed to be comfortable in both positions. Be sure to wear your helmet and goggles either way.

  • How can you say this is the best performing snow sled on the market?
  • The HAMMERHEAD design team has put in countless hours testing and comparing to the best sleds available in the marketplace. We have designed in the best turning radius, suspension, snow/ski dynamics, speed, under steer/over steer - all in multiple snow conditions, hill pitches, snow depths, and temperatures. The HAMMERHEAD is the best sled considering all aspects.

  • The HAMMERHEAD is really cool and super light, but how will it hold up?
  • High on the list of HAMMERHEAD design criteria was durable construction. We have analyzed the stress factors for all critical parts of the sled on the computer and physically on the hill or in the lab. We can safely say the sled is able to handle normal recreational wear and tear plus a bit more. In addition we warrant the sled for a year to back up our claim.

  • How do I get service and support?
  • If you are a customer of ours for the Hammerhead unit itself, email us as the factory is in a neighboring state of ours & they stock all parts and can ship them the same day for most of the time.

  • Is the HAMMERHEAD fast?
  • Yes, the HAMMERHEAD is as fast as any snow sled we have tested. More importantly, the HAMMERHEAD has surpassed all sleds we have tested in terms of control (and we’ve tested the best in the market). There may be sleds out there that go faster, but none that compare with the high level of total performance (speed AND control) the HAMMERHEAD will give you. We love our sled because of the safety margin it provides through its "steerability" and control.

  • What's the weight limit?
  • The HAMMERHEAD was designed to handle up to a 180-200lb person. A heavier person will not break it by simply riding it, but it will be less comfortable to sit on as he or she will depress the seat enough to contact the side tubes. In addition, the skis will wear out more often due to wear and the torque needed to turn more weight. Since they are replaceable, this is less of a problem. Lastly, if you are above the designed-for weight, avoid jumps and hard turns.

  • What is the recommended age for riding?
  • The maker thinks kids at least 10 years old should be riding this snow sled. It is important for the rider to be able to reach the steering arm AND be able to drag feet to slow if riding headfirst.

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