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About the Hammerhead
When itís this fast, itís not just sleddingó itís Hammerhead sledding.

Rip turns with blazing speed and total control, bust freestyle moves thatíll make jaws drop, dust the competition, or tire out your dog. The Hammerhead Pro and new for 2009/10 Hammerhead Sport Series Sleds, take the sport of sledding from the backyard to the biggest hills. For weekend warriors and adrenaline junkies alike, Hammerhead Sleds change the game. Patented steering systems, front and rear polycarbonate skis, state-of-the art materials, and precision engineering, deliver muscular performance and bomb-proof reliability.

Performance sledding is blowing up and this kind of sledding isnít kidís stuff. A new generation of winter enthusiasts are hitting the lift serve with the Pro Series, or hiking for freshies with the Sport Series. Its not just the next big thing, its already here.

Get white-knuckle speed and total control from with our groundbreaking steering technology. Our patented G-Steering System in the Pro Series and patented lightweight Nylon Steering System in the Sport Series allow minute adjustment for perfect S-turns through powder, or freestyle tricks on hardpack. Stay in control with no wobble or chatter no matter how hard youíre ripping it.

The Hammerhead features an ergonomically designed chassis that seems to form an extension of your body - attaching it to the surface of the snow. The result is Ferrari-class handling and Cadillac-class comfort - even on winterís most challenging surfaces.

Precision engineered aluminum frame, patented steering, interchangeable skis and revolutionary suspension fabric seating are all designed to forgive both rugged terrain and novice pilots. And at around 10 lbs., you can almost toss it back up the hill for the next ride.

Ride at night, carry gear or just trick it out
Tune your sled with a myriad of accessories such as headlights, taillights, mirrors, back-rest, cargo net, reflector tape and whatever you can dream up. (The standard tube size allows most bike components to be snapped on in a second.)

At home wherever you go
Swank at the local sledding hill, carve a midnight run at the ski resort, or just have fun in the back yard with the Hammerhead. It loves to go where you go.


  • Accessorize with lights, mirrors, and more
  • Skis for all snow conditions
  • Modern materials
  • High performance
  • Modular, parts are replaceable in-field
  • Balanced for carrying
  • Comfortable
  • Light-Weight
  • Size: Varies by model but around 51" Long x 9" Tall x 23" Wide
  • Weight: Varies by model but around 10-lb
  • Seating Capacity: 1
  • Materials:
      ~ Frame: Rustless 6063 Aluminum
      ~ Skis: High Density Polyethylene
      ~ Grips, Boot: EPDM Rubber
      ~ Seat: Nexprene, Tech Fabric
      ~ Steering: Stainless Steel Leaf Springs
      ~ Other: Delrin, Stainless Fasteners
  • Riding Position: Sit or Headfirst
  • Temperature Range: -40 to +60 degrees F
  • Drink Holders: NONE
    All Specifications subject to change without notice & vary by models

    WARNING: Sledding can be dangerous, please read warning placard and owner's guide before riding the Hammerhead. / Recommended age: 10 and older / Recommended weight limit: 200 lbs

    Pro XLD Pro X
    Pro XLD - Comes with Pro Carving Skis, Carry Strap, Performance Ski Clips, ready to carve. Color: Gunmetal, Burnt Yellow, Black. Ages 12 and up. THIS IS NOT A TOY, wear a helmet. Pro X - Comes with General Purpose rear skis, ready to carve. Color: Gunmetal, Burnt Yellow, Black. Ages 12 and up. THIS IS NOT A TOY, wear a helmet.

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    (#HH)  Hammerhead
    NOTE: You must wear protective gear when using your Hammerhead!
    ACCESSORIES: Available, please email us for complete list.
    AVAILABILITY: Very low stock as of Dec '09 so please order quick!

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