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Don't just walk on water. Hop on it!

The AquaSkipper’s patented design, hydrofoil wings and fiberglass spring let you fly across the water by hopping up and down. The secret to your awesome power? Hydrofoil wings have very little drag in the water. Plus, the aircraft aluminum frame weighs a mere 26 pounds. So take on the surf. Try new tricks. Race your friends. And turn heads everywhere you ride.

When the fun is done, quickly stow your AquaSkipper in the optional tote bag.

It's environmentally-friendly. No noise pollution. No air pollution. No water pollution. No engine. And with the AquaSkipper, the only fuel you’ll burn are the calories from an exhilarating and invigorating cardiovascular workout.

How does the AquaSkipper work?

Every time you jump, the force of your weight compresses the fiberglass spring, causing the back foil to change its angle. From the same impact of your jump, the angled back foil is pushed downward to generate the propulsion.

The front foil is locked to a constant height in the water by the skimmer, which planes on the surface of the water.

The image above shows the AquaSkipper during the upward portion of the jump.

The image above shows the AquaSkipper during the downward portion of the jump. The force of the jumping pushes down on the back foil and compresses the spring.


  • Easy disassembly for transport
  • Lightweight
  • Fast: up to 17 mph
  • Lots of fun!
  • Weight: 26 pounds
  • Wingspan: 7 feet
  • Length: 6 feet
  • Material: aircraft aluminum

The AquaSkipper has been featured nationally on The Today Show on CBS, MTV’s Parental Control, Discovery Channel's MythBusters, I Want That! on HGTV, Beyond Tomorrow, and The Price is Right, and was a semi-finalist in the History Channel’s Modern Marvels Invent Now Challenge in 2007. It has done extremely well in Australia, U.S., and Europe, where it was recognized with an international award for new sport-related inventions at ispo BrandNew in Munich, Germany.

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WARNING: All sports carry a risk of injury. Sometimes accidents happen which are truly unavoidable but usually there are ways to reduce the risks of anything nasty happening. 1. Always wear protective gear. Helmets, knee, elbow and wrist guards. 2. Inspect your equipment before every session. Check the wheels & trucks for excessive wear. Make sure all bolts are tight and the wheels are seated properly. And examine the platform for cracks or stress lines. 3. Live to play another day. On any new terrain, start slowly. Test the traction limits of your wheels. Carve progressively harder to determine the limits of your comfort zone.
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